Visual art is the muse for every hour.
Art is the spiritual elevation.

Ein Bild

About art

Defining art is difficult, many artists and art scientists do not see a definition of “art” as meaningful.
Everyone forms their own opinion and uses words in their own meaning. Here one should not exaggerate subjectivistically. We are social beings, designed for exchange and understanding with other people. Some say: "Art comes from ability".
It is very clear to me that every definition is subjective, many art viewers mostly claim that they simply see it and have a “feeling”. Although here again you have to say that there is a lot of practice and experience behind it.
Today, art is very individualistic and thus eludes fixed rules and definitions. We often cannot precisely describe our personal definition of beauty and quality in art. Intuitively, we always have a feeling whether we like something. Sometimes we need more time.
Dealing with today's art is not easy, but it is always very popular. We will continue to enjoy the art.

Ludwig Caly